Long Term Benefits

1) AMAZING PANDAVERSE Voxels Collection

• Strong partnership with popular game maker CGame, a member of Game Maker Fund on TheSandboxGame • AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders will receive our unique Voxels collection • Trade in the dynamic marketplace where the UNTAPPED gaming community are always on the lookout and paying sky-high prices for the coolest weapons, skins and gears to enhance their Metaverse gaming experience

2) Metaverse Experience

• Not just a PFP • Utility to enter numerous TheSandBoxGame Official Season ALPHA games • Interoperability with Multiple Metaverses

3) Phygital Experience

• AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders will be able to have the experience of witnessing their NFTs come to life in the form of real-world Phygital Collectibles • Fast Materialisation of Phygital Collectibles enabled by long established production facilities of original AMAZING PANDA IP to advance our Road Map for our holders in the shortest period of time

4) Future Generation Collection

• Exclusive Whitelists for Future Generation NFT Collections with upcoming Cross Collaborations available to all Gen 1 OG AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders

5) Connecting Cross Collaborations

• AMAZING PANDAVERSE Panda Clan members will also be rewarded with additional streams of $PNDV for connecting Cross Collaborations

6) Sustainable Ecosystem

• AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders have the assurance of being a part of a constantly growing Ecosystem. • Funding into Production of AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collectibles • Funding into Project Advancement for Cross Collaboration NFT Collection and Phygital Collectibles • Real world Profits from Phygital Collections channeled back to AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders

7) Blue Chip Asset Growth

• The advancement and fulfilment of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Road Map is not a question of whether it will materialize, as we are already in progress and on the fast-track to completion • This creates a multitude of reasons for the community to hold onto their NFTs for the long term rather than flipping, which includes multiple streams of $PNDV from the Ecosystem being rewarded to holders at every stage of the project. • When majority of the market are holders, the demand will severely outstrip the supply, leading to a strong bullish growth that not only increases in value over time, but pays out dividends along the way, making the AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT a perfect blue chip to add into anyone’s portfolio.

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