Learn about the Team behind AMAZING PANDAVERSE.

The AMAZING PANDAVERSE Team consists of 6 Core Members, 3 of which are experts in the blockchain space as early as 2013. Over the years, they have established and garnered experience through their different portfolios, ranging from running businesses in diverse industries to managing multiple blockchain, ICO and De-Fi projects. Our Founders are also one of the main providers of IPFS, recognized as one of the main protocols used in the NFT space.

Master Panda (Founder, Managing Director) Founder of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE project, liaising with the original IP AMAZING PANDA. • 16 Years of Entrepreneurship experience • Notable Member of several Entrepreneurs Associations in Asia • Professional Blockchain Pioneer since 2013 • More than 10 Years of experience in Capital Markets • One of the main providers of storage to IPFS in SEA

Panda B (Co-Founder, CEO) In charge of all operations related to the AMAZING PANDAVERSE project, including project planning, HR, community management and finance planning etc. • 8 Years of Entrepreneurship experience • Blockchain since 2017 • Crypto P2P OTC trading • Years of experience as Marketing Director for multiple Blockchain/ICO/GameFi projects • More than 10 Years of Management experience, building successful teams and managing operations in multiple industries

Prandon (Co-Founder, Public Relations) In charge of all Public Relations for the AMAZING PANDAVERSE project, the Connector for all physical major collaborations & media partnerships. • Bitcoin investor since early 2013 • Early Crypto investor of multiple ICO/Gamefi/Defi protocols • Co-founded a Filecoin mining farm in Asia and provider of IPFS storage • More than 5 years of experience in clothing and merchandise manufacturing and working closely with major players in the art and collectibles toy scene with long term relationship with several auction houses • Co-founded a live house in Xiamen, China which hosts the performances of several A-listers Chinese Rappers. Has strong connections to music producers in the Hip-hop scene

Pandacia (Lead Artist & Designer) In charge of all 3D, 2D Art and Marketing Collaterals for the AMAZING PANDAVERSE project. • 2 Years of experience in an International Listed MNC, focusing on brand activation and digital events marketing. • 5 Years of experience in building multiple e-Commerce brands, for Media Marketing and Photography. • Starting with Crypto in May of 2021, she found her way into NFTs shortly after, embarked on the journey, and enjoys making new friends and vibing with the communities in the space!

Jay Panda (Community Manager) In charge of all collaborations and discord community building, including development and idea generation for the AMAZING PANDAVERSE project. • Actively trading in the Blockchain space since 2016 • Managing 7 figures Financial portfolios for hundreds of private investorsBuilt 6 figures traditional businesses in the automotive, branding and media industries

Panda Peric (Team Developer) In-house Tech Lead. In charge of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE website development, smart contracts and all IT related matters. • More than 10 Years in the tech sector as a Developer • Writing Smart Contracts since 2016 • Manages a tech team of more than 20 developers • Highly involved in Crypto P2P OTC trading with major financial institutions

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