Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV)

Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV) is the Digital Native Token used in the AMAZING PANDAVERSE ecosystem, issued on the Binance Smart Chain.

Key Utilities and Functions of $PNDV:

  • Opening of Panda Chests

  • Used for Panda Mining

  • Rewarded to Key Opinion Pandas of the Panda DAO

  • De-Fi Staking to earn Rewards given out to Liquidity Pool providers

  • Game-Fi

  • Rewards for Panda E2E

  • Phygital Panda Purchase

  • AMAZING PANDAVERSE Merchandise on the Online Marketplace

Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV) Tokenomics Total Supply: 600,000,000 $PNDV

Distribution 5% Amazing Panda Foundation (30,000,000) 5% Organizational Seed Funding (30,000,000) 5% Initial DEX Offering (IDO) (30,000,000) 15% Panda DAO (90,000,000) 70% Panda Mining (420,000,000) • Amazing Panda Foundation Research and Development for AMAZING PANDAVERSE Ecosystem including Game-Fi, Panda E2E, DApp, Marketing & Branding and Cross Collaborations with International Brands etc.

*Vesting Period: 42 Months

10% released every Quarter after initial 1 Year lock-in period • Organizational Seed Funding Offered to Private Organizations who will be the early stage investors to help build up the foundation and framework of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE ecosystem.

*Vesting Period: 18 Months

10% released on the day of Token Listing, with subsequent 10% released every 2 Months. • Initial DEX Offering (IDO) For Whitelisters of the PANDAVERSE Tokens to enter and own $PNDV at an exclusive IDO Price.

Panda DAO $PNDV will be unlocked as rewards when Pandarians attain the Mars and Venus DAO Medals from collection of specific combinations of Gen 2 Panda Horoscopes NFT.

Mars DAO Medal = 10,000 $PNDV Venus DAO Medal = 50,000 $PNDV *0.3% will be released daily until 10,000 $PNDV for Mars DAO Medal and 50,000 $PNDV for Venus DAO Medal have been fully redeemed.

Panda Mining $PNDV will be mined from combining specific combinations of Gen 2 Panda Horoscopes and evolving into Bronze Epic Panda, Silver Legendary Panda and Gold Mythical Panda. *Mining Supply will be released over a period of 36 Months *Supply will be cut by half every 3 times increment of $PNDV value, further increasing the $PNDV value exponentially.

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