Road Map: Phase 1 (Completed)

Phase 1: Birth of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE

• Building the Pandarian Community

To establish a strong foundation for the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Ecosystem, our top priority will be to build a cross-functioning platform where our Pandarian Community can come together in an open space to exchange ideas, create values and share positive social experiences as one identity. We are also actively collaborating with established communities like Project GodJira, Zooverse, The Habibiz, The Other Side, Doodles Alpha Club, The Ape List, Alpha Shark, and multiple DAOs to bring a holistic experience to our Pandarians in the NFT Metaverse.

Search for Panda Frens & Pre-launch Sales

As the Pandarian Community grows worldwide, we will be handpicking qualified Pandarians to be a part of the prestigious Panda Frens inner circle, a chosen group who possesses the intrinsic qualities and share a united vision to represent our AMAZING PANDAVERSE brand name. They will be awarded the coveted Whitelist and automatically entered into our Pre-launch Sales.

• Official Public Sale

A total of 2,829 AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFTs will be officially minted on this historical day. Congratulations! A BIG WIN for all loyal Pandarian supporters since day one!

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