Panda Wheel

Panda Wheel is a blessed artifact from the Stars, descended from the Heavens into the AMAZING PANDAVERSE to rain down riches and reward brave Pandarians who have the guts to try their luck at the Wheel. To activate the magic of the Panda Wheel, Pandarians must pledge their Horoscopes and Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV) to the Emerald Wheel, Sapphire Wheel and Ruby Wheel to receive a random reward for their offering.

Emerald Wheel


  • 1 Emerald Horoscope

  • 1 $PNDV


12 Randomly Generated Rewards, with 200 $PNDV being the highest payout.

Sapphire Wheel


  • 1 Sapphire Horoscope

  • 10 $PNDV

12 Randomly Generated Rewards, with 5,000 $PNDV being the highest payout.

Ruby Wheel


  • 1 Ruby Horoscope

  • 100 $PNDV

12 Randomly Generated Rewards, with 10,000 $PNDV being the highest payout.

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