Road Map: Phase 3

Phase 3: Expansion of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE

• Appearance of the Panda Wheel

To worship the 12 Birth Stars, Pandarians from all over the AMAZING PANDAVERSE will gather to offer their Panda Chest treasures to the Panda Wheel in exchange for good fortune. For the Worthy Pandarians who have collected many Horoscopes, they will be given the honour to spin the Panda Wheel, where a randomly generated prize will be bestowed upon them as a reward.

• Inauguration of the Panda DAO

Since the discovery of the first Panda Chest, many Pandarians have banded together to go on a massive all-out hunt for all 12 Horoscopes. These rare ancient artefacts have attracted worldwide attention due to its immense value, leading to the formation of the Panda DAO to identify our Key Opinion Pandarians (KOP) who have obtained many of such Horoscopes. To gain entry into the Panda DAO, Pandarians will have to attain the Mars and Venus DAO Medals after completing challenges, unlocking powerful rewards containing huge Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV) in exchange for different combinations of Horoscopes. The Panda DAO will heavily influence the progress and building of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE.

Panda Mining and Staking Pandarians who have explored the AMAZING PANDAVERSE and uncovered the mysteries of the 12 Birth Stars will be able to combine specific Horoscopes to evolve into Bronze Epic Panda, Silver Legendary Panda and Gold Mythical Pandas. These special Pandas have the ability to mine Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV), providing bountiful rewards to Pandarians who own them.

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