Road Map: Phase 4

Phase 4: Interoperability of AMAZING PANDAVERSE

Production of AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collection

Following the Success of our AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT Public Sales, we will be further expanding our brand by releasing the Generation 1 AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collectibles. Our Phygital collections are poised to be manufactured at our original IP AMAZING PANDA factories, which have been preparing the Prototypes since Phase 1, allowing us to speed up the production process and achieve our objectives with only 10% of actual required time. This means that end users do not have to wait for too long before they get to see the first ever AMAZING PANDAVERSE figurine!

The AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collectibles consists of designer figurines which comes in a vast spectrum of colours with a wide array of accessories like the Outfit, Eye, Eyewear, Earring, Headgear, Bracelet, Necklace and Mouthpiece collection, drawing inspiration from our 21st Century Fast Fashion and Hip Hop Movement. Using the concept of Blind Boxes, a trend that has swept the world by storm, collectors can find a unique mystery accessory in every box that they purchase, allowing them to customize their AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collectible like no other in the world. There will also be additional perks and incentives for Pandarians who complete a full set of our OG collections.

Launch of AMAZING PANDAVERSE TheSandboxGame Voxels Collection

Another important Value that AMAZING PANDAVERSE stands by is having Fun! We have partnered up with popular game maker CGame, a member of Game Maker Fund on TheSandboxGame, to develop our AMAZING PANDAVERSE Voxels, which will be rewarded to all our AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT holders! These are limited and rare Voxels with the Utility in the huge Metaverse platform. These Voxels will grant entry into numerous ALPHA games across all Seasons, like Border Town of Tang Dynasty, which has diverse in-game personalization and a hyperactive online marketplace, where all gamers will trade weapons, skins, and emotes to one-up each other in their Metaverse gaming experience! Holders will stand to benefit from this huge and untapped gaming market by selling their Voxels to the highest bidders!

Interoperability of AMAZING PANDAVERSE in multiple Metaverses

Of course, as the Metaverse gaming space develops, our AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT will grant entry into even more playable games as we partner up with more developers and platforms, the possibilities and utilities are endless! Read more on our collaboration with Age of Tanks: PANDAVERSE Metaverse Concert (TheSandboxGame and multiple Metaverses)

Backed by a strong background and global connections in the Hip Hop scene, AMAZING PANDAVERSE will be hosting our first ever live Metaverse Concert experience for all Pandarians to enjoy! This will be a spectacular night to remember with an ensemble of A-List Rappers & Performers gracing the virtual stage, so put on your party outfits, grab your best friends and RSVP before tickets are all sold out!

AMAZING PANDAVERSE World Tour Community Meet-&-Greet

We want to meet you! AMAZING PANDAVERSE will be hosting events in the Top 10 most active cities according to our community statistics. The experience doesn’t just stay in the virtual world, we want to provide our Pandarian Community the opportunity to meet each other and have a good time at our Meet & Greet events! Be Patient, we will be announcing our world tour schedule and fellow Pandarians will soon be able to find one popping up near you!

Launch of AMAZING PANDAVERSE Online Marketplace

This is it, the highly anticipated Generation 1 AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collectibles are finally here! We will be dropping the first ever batch on our Online Marketplace, where our AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders will have exclusive VIP Pre-Sales access with special discount privileges! We have also extended our shipping routes to more than 50 countries internationally just to make sure Pandarians from all over the world will be able to add our Phygital Collectibles into their toy collections.

Launch of International Phygital Retail shops

We have met you, we have interacted with you, and now it's time to appoint passionate Panda Chiefs to be in charge of our official AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Retail shops! For Pandarians who enjoy the excitement of retail shopping experience, this is your chance to step into our world class AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Retail stores and mingle with fellow Pandarians who are having a good time unwrapping our Blind Box accessories collections and hunting for the rarest and most epic gears!

Cross Collaborations with International Brands

With the Success of our AMAZING PANDAVERSE Ecosystem, we will work with many International Brands to assist them in entering the Web 3.0 space, leveraging our expertise, resources and connections to release their own bespoke NFTs and Phygital Collectibles. Our Future Generation AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT and Phygital Collectibles will include customizations with these brand collaborations, bringing in a greater influx of database into our community.

This game-changing move will allow multiple Metaverses to collide and form an even greater Ecosystem for all our AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders to continuously benefit from. In fact, we have already partnered with several key brands and will be announcing these brands very soon after our official Mint Date.

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