Panda Chest

Each Panda Chest holds the secrets to the AMAZING PANDAVERSE, a hidden and randomly generated Gen 2 Panda Horoscope NFT. Pandarians who discovered these ancient chests will unlock the magic and be the proud owner of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Panda Horoscope that they have released.

Total Supply: 666,000 Emerald Tier:

Aquarius (240,000 Supply) Pisces (180,000 Supply) Aries (120,000 Supply) Taurus (60,000 Supply) Sapphire Tier:

Gemini (24,000 Supply) Cancer (18,000 Supply) Leo (12,000 Supply) Virgo (6,000 Supply) Ruby Tier: Libra (2,400 Supply) Scorpio (1,800 Supply) Sagittarius (1,200 Supply) Capricorn (600 Supply)

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