Panda Chest

Each Panda Chest holds the secrets to the AMAZING PANDAVERSE, a hidden and randomly generated Gen 2 Panda Horoscope NFT. Pandarians who discovered these ancient chests will unlock the magic and be the proud owner of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Panda Horoscope that they have released.
Panda Chests are classified under 3 different Rarity tiers: Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby.
Total Supply: 666,000 Emerald Tier:
Aquarius (240,000 Supply) Pisces (180,000 Supply) Aries (120,000 Supply) Taurus (60,000 Supply) Sapphire Tier:
Gemini (24,000 Supply) Cancer (18,000 Supply) Leo (12,000 Supply) Virgo (6,000 Supply) Ruby Tier: Libra (2,400 Supply) Scorpio (1,800 Supply) Sagittarius (1,200 Supply) Capricorn (600 Supply)
To open the Panda Chest, Pandarians will require a Panda Key, which is acquired by exchanging with 10U worth of $PNDV.