AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders will receive our unique Voxels collection, developed in partnership with popular game maker CGame, a member of Game Maker Fund on TheSandboxGame.

Voxels will enable multiple Utilities like: • Entry into numerous TheSandboxGame Official Season ALPHA games • Customized Avatars to enhance the Metaverse gaming experience • Trade in the dynamic Marketplace where the UNTAPPED gaming community are always on the lookout and paying sky-high prices for the coolest weapons, skins and gears

TheSandboxGame will be the first of many Metaverses experiences for our holders. Interoperability with Multiple Metaverses is currently already in progress as the Metaverse develops with more collaborations, so our AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders can look forward to even more Utilities our NFTs will enable!

The second Metaverse experience we have in store for our holders is in Age of Tanks! A DefiNation studio leveraging on the BSC Chain, enabling advanced blockchain and in-game DeFi features. Our partnership will ensure increased presence in the GameFi and blockchain community, rendering a greater opportunity and wider reach to elevate both at the pinnacle of the NFT space. Read more on our Partnership with Age of Tanks:

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