Road Map: Phase 2

Phase 2: Laying the Foundation of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE

Launch of the Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV) The launch of our digital native token on the DEX, which will be the main token used in the AMAZING PANDAVERSE ecosystem. Pandaverse Cash $PNDV will be an integral part of every Pandarians daily lives with multiple Utilities and functions.

• Discovery of the Panda Chest

All AMAZING PANDAVERSE Pandas come from a long line of Panda history, originating from 12 Horoscopes that define their Ancestry and Lineage. To discover their true Purpose and Inner Traits, Pandarians have set forth on an exciting journey to collect all 12 Horoscopes to identify their birth star. However, this will not be an easy task, as they have to roam and explore the entire AMAZING PANDAVERSE to find all 666,000 Hidden Panda Chests, each containing a random Horoscope for them to uncover. The race to hunt all 12 Horoscopes will set forth a new chain of events that will ultimately determine the Fate of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE.

Launch of Pandaverse DApp (Decentralized Application) A Decentralized Application which is the virtual representation of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE, where Pandarians are able to connect their wallets, acquire information and access all utilities etc via a user-friendly interface.

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