Panda EAT2EARN (E2E) is a Social App built for Web 3.0 that integrates Social-Fi and Game-Fi into the everyday dining experiences of our Pandarians.

Our Pandarian Community will be able to build their social food profiles and collect rewards at a list of restaurant outlets that we have collaborated with all around the world. Through “CHAT”, “SHARE” and “FANS”, Pandarians can level up to the Master Foodie Panda tier, unlocking more dining privileges and rebates and also earn Bamboo Points (BP) to be exchanged for Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV)

• "CHAT" Experience: 10 Comments - 10 BP • "SHARE" Experience: 10 Retweets - 5 BP • "FANS" Experience: 10 Likes - 1 BP

Master Foodie Panda Tier: 30,000 BP

AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT holders who own F&B establishments can also collaborate with us and leverage on the Panda E2E App features and TheSandboxGame restaurant placements to grow their influence and build traffic across the Metaverse, mutually benefiting their businesses and also the community.

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