Phygital Panda

AMAZING PANDA Collectibles have been in the scene since 2019, with long established production facilities and resources under our original IP. Since its inception, 3 AMAZING PANDA Collections have been successfully launched with a limited supply of 99 Collectibles: Blanc Edition, Sky Edition and Rudolph Edition, all which have been fully sold out.

With the birth of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE, our NFTs have always been designed with the intention to materialize into a Physical collectible form. Our Phygital Collectibles will come in 20 Skin Colours to choose from, with detailed customization of accessories in the form of Blind Boxes.

There are a total of 8 Blind Box Categories:

• Outfit • Eye Design • Eyewear • Earring • Headgear • Bracelet • Necklace • Mouthpiece

Pandarians will be able to get their hands on the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Phygital Collection through our Online and Offline Phygital shops and get to experience the Physical Minting process through the Blind Boxes concept. AMAZING PANDAVERSE holders will also enjoy exclusive discounts and rebates for all purchases!

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