The Truth to Sustainability: Ecosystem

1) Rooted Foundation of the original IP

Amazing Panda has been an established brand name in the Fashion and Arts scene since its inception in 2019 with an international database and strong influence in the Fashion industry. AMAZING PANDAVERSE is built upon the Success of Amazing Panda, leveraging on the strong foundation to propel and drive the long term growth and expansion into Web 3.0. With such a solid backing, the AMAZING PANDAVERSE ecosystem will be able to continuously grow from strength to strength as we advance along our Roadmap.

2) Highly Experienced Team

The AMAZING PANDAVERSE Core Team consists of experts in the industry who have established and garnered experience through different portfolios, ranging from running businesses in diverse industries to managing multiple blockchain, ICO and De-Fi projects since 2015. With the combined experience acquired from maneuvering the market conditions during the bull in 2017 to the bear through 2018 to 2021, the Team will be able to navigate through any types of market conditions and steer the project to achieving the short and long term objectives. 3) Huge Organizational Support

Strong alliances and partnerships with huge organizations allow for leverage from a pool of shared resources to advance the AMAZING PANDAVERSE project at a faster pace and sustained by the constant support of international communities. 4) Real Utilities

AMAZING PANDAVERSE NFT Holders get to enjoy a whole suite of Utilities enabled, including cutting edge technology DApp, wealth accumulation by leveraging Pandaverse Cash ($PNDV) through Panda Chests, Panda Wheel, Panda DAO and Panda Mining, involvement in Panda Clan community, Social-Fi and Game-Fi Metaverse experiences and even Phygital Experience through our Phygital Pandas collection.

5) Phygital Products One of the many USPs of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Project is its Phygital Panda Collectibles, which provides the ability to generate Profits not off the NFT Secondary Markets, but by bridging the gap between Web 3.0 and Real-World market demands, ultimately rewarding our holders.

6) Community Purposed Ecosystem

Every step of the project and decisions made by our Team is aligned to the best interests of the AMAZING PANDAVERSE Community, because we believe that the only way to sustain the Ecosystem is if every individual who is part of the Ecosystem get to benefit and grow alongside together with us. This also ties in with our philosophy of “Sustainability is the ability to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”, thus the main objective of the entire project is ultimately to give back to our Community.

AMAZING PANDAVERSE will be the GAME CHANGER in the NFT space as it will be the FIRST project to truly operate with a profitable model built upon the foundation of its existing IP, resources, assets and products.

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